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2016 spring fesitval party
DateTime: 2016-02-02

January 30, 2016, Royalstar held the new year party in Hefei United Hotel! The annual party's theme is: "new leap, new ideas, new journey." Vice President Mr.Luo Song, Brand general manager Mr.Lv Yaogang and president of Academia Sinica Mr. Chen Yong attended the party. The whole staff of company with their families attend the party. 

Chapter1: Greetings from leaders

First of all, Deputy General Manager Mr. Luo Song of Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd. gave new year greetings! Mr. Luo totally reviewed the development of the past 2015 and affirmed the great achievements. For the coming 2016, Mr. Luo was very confident and believed the whole staff would achieve more success in future!



Then Mr. Lv Yaogang on behalf of the Board sent a New Year's blessing to all employees. He encouraged the staff to forge ahead in the new year and create bright future.

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Chapter2: Commending the outstanding employees

The company's development is combined with the hard work of whole staff. The present success of Royalstar is inseparable from the joint efforts of every employee. A paid must has a return. In the annual party, the excellent staff would get recognition and awards! This is a heavy trust and sincere thank for their effort and hard work.

Chapter3: Thanks to every family member

Recalling Royalstar history, there were so many people made us moved. They work in the company from the very beginning. They turned the love of company into hard work. We all keep in mind!

In the party, there comes our loved family. They give us big support behind our back. The company sent flowers and gifts for our family members to give best wishes in the new year for their health and wealth.

Chapter4: Talent show

Our colleagues do not only gain impressive progress in their work, they also have great talent. In the party, they gave us a big show.

Chapter 5: Lucky draw

The lucky draw has set up a special award from the lucky prize to special grand prize, totally five levels of awards. The atmosphere was extremely warm. All the people enjoy this part. The special grand prize is our luxury bidet. 

This was a joyous event, not only showed the positive youth style of the staff, but also demonstrated our harmony and friendship of all colleagues. We believe under the leadership of the chairman, all the staff from top to bottom will write a brilliant chapter in the new year.

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