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DateTime: 2016-03-12

On March 11, the highly anticipated Decoration Fair is held in the Lake Convention Center Hefei,   Royalstar is located at the main exhibition hall. As the new darling of the smart appliance industry, intelligent bidet undoubtedly become the focus of the scene.

Many consumers in front of Royalstar booth checking the products. Some of them said “ we already have local brand of intelligent bidet, why should we have to go to Japan to buy". In fact, since 2004 Royalstar has engaged in development and production of intelligent bidet. It has 12 years of production experience. Royalstar bidet model and features could already meet the needs of consumers.

In front of the booth, staff demonstrate functions of the bidet patiently. Royalstar intelligent bidet not only has competitive price, also supply "7-day free trial" offer to make more people have opportunity to use intelligent bidet. For the Chinese people, rapid economic development is not enough to promote the concept of health and hygiene. The coming up intelligent bidet is not only just a smart home appliances, but also a lead to a new healthy era. We believe this show can let more people understand and recognize Royalstar bidet.

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