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Founder of Royalstar Mr. Chen Rongzhen
DateTime: 2016-02-02

Before Spring Festival 2016, at a warm sunny winter afternoon, a simple dressed, hale and hearty old man arrived at the "Chinese home appliance industry base" Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd. This skinny old man surrounded by the crowd, stop-and-go, full of emotion and curiously look at this vibrant enterprise. 

Nobody would have thought, 30 years ago, this old man using eighteen years put a half-dead small factory to revive and grow under the circumstance of no capital and no technology supporting; this old man using eighteen years led the team to break the cocoon into a butterfly, created an outsize explosive brand in China and kept the top three position in the industry; this old man using eighteen years, when the Chinese has no concept of capital operations, finished the whole process of financing, merger and reorganization to make the enterprises rebirth and get doubled profit. 

Yes, he is Mr. Chen Rongzhen, hero in the history of Chinese home appliances, founder of Royalstar.


Chairman Jiang Zemin visited Royalstar Group and shook hands with Mr. Chen..


Chairman Hu Jintao visited Royalstar Group and Mr. Chen introduced products. 

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Chairman Wu Bangguo visited Royalstar Group.

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Although retiring in 2002, Mr.Chen is still very concerned with the development of Royalstar Group where he has devoted his whole heart. Every event, each revolution happened in this enterprise, this old man is very clear of. 14 years later, when standing in this enterprises again, looking at a new generation, the former business sentiment has a lot of feelings.

Mr.Pan, chairman of Royalstar Group introduces the development of solar energy to Mr.Chen

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"Our group started with Royalstar washing machine, now you young people have ideas and enthusiasm to do diversification. It’s great."

When looking at the zero-energy house model in Royalstar solar energy museum, the old man was very excited. Escort introduced that the building model could be self-sufficient in energy supplying. It could get heating in winter, cooling in summer, hot water ready to be used. These are all getting from the natural energy of sun and air. The development of technology avoids both the over-exploited of the coal energy, and the greenhouse effect caused by air conditions. The application of zero-energy housing technology has become increasingly popular.

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When knowing that Royalstar has a smart home in the showroom, Mr.Chen was eagerly to do some operations. Gently touching the phone, the curtains would be automatically shut down , lights would be turned on synchronously, air conditioning started to work, melodious music was on. 

Using a mobile phone will be able to remote control home appliances, security measures, audio-visual equipment, video intercom. When needed it could also monitor indoor and outdoor environment. Just three decades, the tremendous changes in technology gave the elderly a very deep impression.

Mr. Chen visited the enterprise with Mr.Pan

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"From the beginning of the brand, Royalstar has suffered a lot. Now the brand could still take root here to continue growing and developing, I am very happy , very excited and very pleased. "

"Deeply grateful to you to inherit this business fearless; sincerely bless you and the group!"

A short journey came to an end, the ardent sound was still ringing in our ears. All staff in Royalstar would inherit founder’s fearless spirit and earn greater success. 

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