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Quality-based & Brand-leading “Quality month”in Anhui Province in 2016:upgrade the quality and brand in Jianghuai-sidelights on the launch ceremony in Hefei
DateTime: 2016-10-20

On the morning of September 21, “Quality month”in Anhui Province in 2016 : upgrade the quality and brand in Jianghuai-launching ceremony of entering Hefei was held grandly in industrial park of Hefei Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group. Liu Li, vice-governor of Anhui Province, attended and announced the official launch of launch ceremony. Anhui Pledges Inspect Bureau director Zhu Lin, vice-mayor of Hefei Wang Minsheng attended ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhu Bing, deputy-director of Anhui Industry and Commerce Bureau, Gao Zonghong, deputy-director of Anhui Pledges Inspect Bureau, and lead group member of Anhui quality work unit, the responsible person of Hefei quality work leading group member unit are attended the ceremony.


Liu Li pointed out that the achievements of Anhui Province encourage and support enterprises in the construction of quality and brand are worthy of recognition when attended the ceremony. She hoped that enterprises adhere to the quality-based and brand-leading ,strive to produce more and better products, continually meet the needs of people to the quality and brand, in order to create a strong province of quality and build a better Anhui to make greater contributions.


Zhu Lin pointed out that Hefei as the provincial capital, the development of quality is always innovational and it always has bright spots. Both  ”old brand” such as: Hefei Baida, Royalstay, also has Heli Forklift, Ankai Passenger Cars which are“ Optimus Prime ”in the global equipment manufacturing industry, more ”pilot” like: IFLYTEK, Lenovo and other, them lead the science and technology, create the future. He hoped that Hefei treat this event as a new starting point for the development of quality work in Hefei, closely around the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration and the East China Region I type city of strategic objectives, make full use of the science & technology, culture & education of Hefei location advantages and resources advantages, and constantly consolidate the foundation of quality and brand, promote capital to the brand concentration, technology integration to the brand, talent to brand concentration, culture to the brand cohesion, promote the development of Hefei in order to make its advantages more strong, more stamina , better quality with a strong brand benefit.

Wang Minsheng pointed out that in recent years, Hefei efforts to grasp the objective law of economic development under the new normal, constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of innovation, perseverance pay close attention to the quality brand work, quality brand efficiency is rising. He said that Hefei will take this event as an opportunity to adhere to innovation-driven, speed up the transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively strengthen quality brand upgrade project, and vigorously cultivate the core competitiveness of independent brands, and continuously improve the awareness and trust of Hefei brand, enhance the market competitiveness and market share of Hefei brand.


As one of the benchmark enterprises to promote the project about upgrading quality and brand in Anhui , Royalstar always regards quality as the life of enterprises, efforts to enhance the gold content of the quality and brand, committed to researching and developing high-quality electric appliances household products, this is the main reason why the activity was hosted by Royalstar.

At the launching ceremony, Anhui Pledges Inspect Bureau director Zhu Lin and deputy-director of Anhui Industry and Commerce Bureau Zhu Bing, jointly inaugurate the Royalstar Electronic Appliance Group Co, Ltd ”Anhui quality & brand upgrade project education practice base " chairman of the board Pan Baochun on behalf of the commitment to upgrade the quality and brand, commitment to society solemnly adhere to the product quality and responsibility.


 After the launching ceremony, provincial and municipal leaders and participants visited the Royalstar quality & brand exhibition.


In the Royalstar intelligent toilet seat exhibition hall, when she understanded Royalstar do OEM for more than 100 brands worldwide , and China's intelligent toilet seat is actually higher than the national standard of Japan, Liu Li, vice-governor was very pleased and highly appreciated. She required the chairman Pan Baochun: while focusing on quality as the same time, pay attention to publicity, so that people want to buy China's toilet seat. When saw the intelligent faucet with automatic adjustment of water temperature and volume, , Liu Li, deputy-governor reached to master the proper water temperature and volume, said with emotion: "great!"


In the intelligent drying rack exhibition hall, when she got the product not only can dry clothes but also have bactericidal function, deputy-governor Liu Li is interesting to try operating the intelligent elevator remote control, and praise that: the intelligent household products of Royalstar are diverse and very practical, it develop so many excellent products through its own technology research and development, truly improve the quality of life of consumers, it is very good.


        Before leaving, deputy-governor Liu Li said affectionately: Royalstar and Meling are old memories of Hefei and pride, we love them, and happy to see that the great development of Royalstar today. Royalstar has made great contributions for the local economy through its own development, Hope that the provincial and municipal departments and county-related units provide the best services for the further development and growth of Royalstar.

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