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Royalstar electric bidets installed in mother & infant health care center
DateTime: 2016-03-23

In China, there is a tradion: women do confinement after labor for a whole month,
or the physical condition would be very weak and easy to fall sick after getting old. This
entire month is used for recovery. It is a vital period for puerperants. During the month,
there are many strict rules for them to obey.


With the economic develpment, people would like to pay more on the confinement care to make
both mother and infant healthy. So more and more care centers are set up to meet the increasing
demands. Vulva washing is an important thing for the puerperants. So many care centers decide
to install electric bidets in bathroom to help puerperants doing self-cleaning easily.

In Xuzhou Jiangsu province, there is a care center chain XIHUI. All the toilets there are
installed with Royalstar electric bidets and they get very positive feedback from puerperants
and their families.


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