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The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China
DateTime: 2016-03-25

Compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing technique are the four great inventions of
ancient China. They occupy important positions in the history of human civilization.

  1. Compass: compass plays an important role in the navigation and creats a new era of
    maritime history. It also plays an immeasurable role in the development of science and
    civilization of mankind.

  2. 指南针.jpg

2. Gunpowder: the emergence of gunpowder weapons on the battlefield indicates a series of
changes in military history. It is a sign of transition from cold weapon period to firearm


3. Papermaking: The invention and popularization of papermaking has a profound influence on
the spread of science and culture in the world. It plays an important role in the progress
and development of the society.



4. Movable type printing technique: as long as the prepared single type is enough, you can
always make up. This would greatly accelerate the process of time.


In mordern society, the most important invention for human hygiene is electric bidet seat.

Electric bidet seat: the invention of electric bidet seat would change the bad toilet
habits of human. It uses warm water washing and warm air drying to avoid the unhygienic
caused by toilet paper rubbing.



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